Why should your website have a blog?

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When talking to business owners, I’ve discovered a pretty shocking trend. Outside of the blogging community, most entrepreneurs haven’t considered the value of a blog on their website.

Why? From what I’ve gathered, most of these business owners have an abstract idea of what blogging is and a limited understanding of its benefits. Or, it overwhelmingly seems like an unnecessary expense.

Thankfully, data doesn’t lie. Blogging is worth the investment.

Blogging isn’t just for passionate writers who want to share their words with the world (though, cough, cough, we exist too). Look up most successful companies and you’ll find a blog section on their site. Here, I’ll make it easy for you—check out these major names across various industries: American Family Insurance, American Express, Lowe’s, Petco, and so many more.

There are many reasons and benefits to blogging that all business owners should be aware of and consider for the growth of their company.

What is blogging?

To begin, here’s the gist: a blog is an informational article that can be used as a learning tool or resource. To get the most out of blogging, they should be posted regularly.

It’s a marketing tool as much as a community and relationship-building asset.

Why blog?

coffee shop

According to Hubspot, companies who have a blog section get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Why? Let’s break it down.

One of the main purposes of a blog is to show your expertise on a given topic, and to show that your brand has thought-leadership. You become a resource and an authority while building credibility, and soon people will turn to your site to learn something new that will educate them.

Even more important: regular blogging creates content. New and fresh content is increasingly important: not only does it boost your online presence and Google placement (don’t you want to be near the top of a search?), blogging content can also be recycled onto various platforms. You can link back to your blog on your social media sites, email marketing blasts, or in monthly newsletters. When people click on the link to read your blog, you’re driving more traffic to your site.

Almost 97% more traffic to your site, to be specific.

That’s the goal. That’s what you, as a business owner, should want. More people looking at your site leads to more interest, more trust, more clients. Website traffic turns into real life leads.

Also, blogging allows you to give your company a voice and gives readers an opportunity to get to know it. Small and large businesses alike understand that building relationships is a key component of a successful company.

How to blog

Blogging requires knowledge of best practices, especially regarding digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Things like lengths, topics, and linking rules are always changing and updating, and a hiring a skilled marketing professional is where you can get the most blogging success. And what about the website end of things? The back-end of a website can be tough to navigate for non-tech owners. You can hire someone to upload and format the content for you.

Plus, not everyone is a writer. And even those who can write can’t always edit. And there’s something very unprofessional about a company blog splattered with typos.

Interested? Get in touch

sunshine creatives

Okay, here’s my plug: if you’re interested in adding a blog to your company website, I can help. My content creation business offers customized plans for blogging for clients across many different industries. It covers all the bases: original, SEO-oriented content, graphics, content calendars, website uploads, full edits and approval.

Click here to read my media kit or feel free contact sunshinecreativesllc@gmail.com for more information.

Happy blogging!

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