Blogging topics: the local twist

Sometimes, there are unique challenges to owning an essential business. Social media, for example, isn’t always an exciting and engaging place, depending on the product or service your company provides.

For example, think about insurance.

Unless you’re actively searching for resources and information, the topic can seem a little bland. As a consumer, when my insurance agent posts something to Facebook, I probably won’t click on the link unless it’s interesting or relevant to me. Most people on social media react and behave similarly: regardless of how good the content is, we need a reason to read it.

How do we engage?

When I began working with a local insurance agency, it took extra consideration to create blog topics that are topical and interesting.

We decided to go with a mix: each month, I’d create three helpful insurance-specific posts (terms, guides, helpful resources) and one local-based blog.

The local angle—whether it’s a roundup of summer activities or social distance-friendly hikes or “meet the team” profile pieces—are a great way to engage with your audience. They can get to know you, relate to you, and connect over something other than the product. The insurance articles will still be there. But that local edge is original; you’ll truly stand out among others in your industry.

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