Design Samples

One of my top client requests are one-off projects—flyers, mailers, graphics for a promotion, event, or advertisement. Here are a few of my favorites.

Real Estate Blogging

The Scott Dillard Team at Integrated Mountain Properties specializes in helping home buyers and sellers in the Roaring Fork Valley. Like other real estate agencies, the Dillard Team has to find ways to stand apart from the competition. I work with the Dillard Team to create original content, which is repurposed both into social media…

Blogging topics: the local twist

Sometimes, there are unique challenges to owning an essential business. Social media, for example, isn’t always an exciting and engaging place, depending on the product or service your company provides. For example, think about insurance. Unless you’re actively searching for resources and information, the topic can seem a little bland. As a consumer, when my…

Why should your website have a blog?

This article was originally posted on When talking to business owners, I’ve discovered a pretty shocking trend. Outside of the blogging community, most entrepreneurs haven’t considered the value of a blog on their website. Why? From what I’ve gathered, most of these business owners have an abstract idea of what blogging is and a…

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